A privacy-first libre (free) DDoS-Protected DNS Hosting platform.

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AtlasDNS would be a free privacy-oriented secure DNS Hosting platform. You could manage your domain name’s DNS Records using AtlasDNS. AtlasDNS would be a great alternative to ClouDNS, Namecheap’s FreeDNS Program, Duck DNS, NO-IP, and even CloudFlare.

AtlasDNS would let you create UNLIMITED DNS Records for up to 50 domain names. You can get these limits lifted & receive access to be able to DNS-host up to 500 domain names in exchange for a small monthly donation (amount to be decided). AtlasDNS would eventually, most likely, feature a proxy option, similar to CloudFlare’s Proxy System. You will be able to create a DNS record pointing to your origin server, still resolving all of the same data, whilst proxying your websites traffic through AtlasDNS’s servers. AtlasDNS will feature advanced DDoS Protection (possibly powered by DDoS Mitigation), so by proxying your website traffic through AtlasDNS, you will be protected against not just standard protocol (Layer 4) DDoS Attacks, but also HTTP Flood (Layer 7 DDoS) Attacks. This would make AtlasDNS essentially an alternative to CloudFlare, but, the difference being, CloudFlare’s main focus is their CDN network, to speed up websites aka improve their loadtime, while AtlasDNS’s main focus is to defend against Cyber-Attacks (such as DDoS attacks & more) and to respect your privacy. Basically, if you’re using CloudFlare for proxying & DDoS attack mitigation, there’s no point in using it over AtlasDNS :)

Even if the proxy feature were to be not added, AtlasDNS would still be a great DNS service, being primarily a privacy-respecting free alternative to CloudFlare DNS, ClouDNS, and much more.

The official AtlasDNS website is

The only issue is, projects like AtlasDNS are not free to run. They cost money and we spend our time working on things like AtlasDNS. We need to pay for things like a virtual server to host the DNS System, an order system, a domain name, and more. If you would like to perhaps see AtlasDNS become a reality, please consider donating a small amount of money to us, even as low as $5. You might think we would have said “as low as $1” but with the new PayPal Fee’s paypal would take well over 50% of that $1, so we would only receive around $0.40, whereas if you donate a small amount of $5, we would receive around $4.45. If you would like to donate, there is a button below to do so. Thank you for considering donating, and have a great day :)


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